02 May, 2011

Internet Marketing and Online Business - Condensed History of Internet Marketing Techniques

When internet marketing first began, it was like a wide open wild, wild west. Anybody could do anything - and they did.

Advertising companies tried using banner ads and popup ads to create traffic, and people began harvesting email addresses for the purpose of sending out sales emails.

After awhile, people began to resent the constant advertising, and advertising effectiveness has gone down. With the explosion of unwanted emails, readers began to click through less frequently, and anti-SPAM (unsolicited business email) laws became prevalent.

Internet marketers have turned to search engine optimization techniques and advanced list building as options to make big money online.

Article marketing was developed as a way to create massive amounts of content to drive traffic to web sites, and list builders created lists of people who personally opted in, or chose, to be on their list, to conform to anti-SPAM laws.

Article marketing and list building are currently at the forefront of effective internet marketing techniques. As many of the older, well-used methods have lost their effectiveness, internet marketers have turned to article marketing and list building to create incomes.

Even article marketing has changed. Initially, it was used for creating search engine content, to drive pay per click and other lucrative advertising programs. With the advent of article and content generation software, articles have declined in effectiveness for search engine and raw content purposes, but have become extremely effective for driving hot traffic to squeeze pages (web pages designed to 'squeeze' visitors into opting in to a list).

List building has become more advanced, as marketers have learned the most effective ways to write emails and get them opened and purchased from.

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