02 May, 2011

Advertising History

The method first ad done by humans is very simple. The owner of the goods that want to sell the goods would yell at the gates of the city offer the goods on inbound visitors to the city. Ads wrote began to be known in Ancient Greece, contains about the slaves who ran away from her employer will inform the ongoing game or gladiators.

Advertise on this time just a circular. Some time later began appearing advertising method by hand and printed on large paper that developed in England. The first printed advertisement in English was found in Imperial Intelligencer in March 1648. Until 1850an, in Europe has not fully loaded advertisements in newspapers. Most are still in the form of pamphlets, leaflets, and brochures.

Magazine ad first appeared in Harper's magazine in 1864. In those days, advertising grows as development of the press which also marked the development of advertising company with a simple function. In the 18th century, some stores in Europe began to function as a collecting agent for the newspaper ad.

In the 19th century has become a popular purchase advertising space through an individual agent (channeled back to the advertising company). After the 1880s, advertising companies improve function by offering consulting and other advertising services. In the transition to the 20th century, modern advertising management system such as advertising manager position in Indonesia began diterapkan.Periklanan

RTS Masli Reklame Reka in introductory book explains that the first ad in Indonesia only in the form of an announcement about the arrival of merchant ships Bataviaasche Nouvelles 1744. Utilization ad marketing support, among others, performed by Timoor Bientang newspapers with ads that read: "Anyone who used to receive a letter of news njang named Bientang Timoor glad this diteroeskan taon 1865, dikasi know njang oewangnja sn wrote to newspapers, harganja f.15, - quick bole submit the same njang sprouted sn soratkabar "

Ad growth in Indonesia is strongly influenced by private capital in plantation and mining sectors in 1870. At this time, circulating flyers advertising for the first time. The ad campaign includes a commercial enterprise. In addition to brochures, advertisements also used display.Pada early 20th century, advertisements began to appear even though the firm did not last long because of the economy.

Bureau of billboards in those days can be grouped into broad categories (usually owned by the Dutch), medium, and small (owned by the Chinese and bumiputera). Indonesia Bureau of billboard re-emerged around 1930 to 1942. Advertisement issued increasingly diverse (search of work, marriage, death, and travel).

Ads could also be a means of propaganda from Japan to Indonesia. Various posters and flyers to campaign the Japanese as "Protector, Light, and leader." However, at that time still a lot of other ads, such as toothpaste, batik, offer courses and do not miss the ads that show Japanese movie theaters. Post-independence, appeared ad appeals to donate funds for the interests of the struggle, the defense of independence, development or improvement of school and turn BPKKP.

This ad is listed as a public service announcement advertising the first in the history of Indonesia. In 1963, standing advertising company that managed InterVista Ltd. (once established) by Nuradi, a former diplomat who had worked in the advertising agency SH Benson's Singapore branch.

The company is regarded as the pioneer of modern advertising in Indonesia with comprehensive services such as media planning, account management, research, and field lain.Saat, various advertising companies in Indonesia joined in an association of GN. Associations of this advertising company is also represented in the membership of the Press Council which was formally set forth in Law no. 4 / 1967.

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